Exceptional Event Report News

Dear customers,

Please take note of the following advice from respective postal administration :


(1) Mainland China

China Customs will be closed during China National Day holiday week (1 to 8 October 2017), shipment are subject to delay.

(2) Brazil

As advised by the postal administration of Brazil, due to the implementation of new customs procedures, parcel delivery service to Brazil is subject to delay.

(3) French West Indies (Guadeloupe and Martinique) 

Owing to the impact of hurricanes, mail delivery services to French West Indies are subject to delay.

(4) Mexico

Servicio Postal Mexicano informs that, owing to the earthquake that struck Mexico on September 19, inbound and outbound postal operations are suspended until further notice at Mexico City International Airport (IMPC codes MXMEXD, MXMEXB and MXMEXE). Current weather conditions prompted flight disruptions at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) on September 21. More than 300 flights were delayed.

(5) United States

Hurricane Maria, which has ravaged the Caribbean over the past days, made landfall in Puerto Rico on September 20, prompting severe flooding, massive infrastructure damages and a nationwide power outage. 
Operations at Puerto Rico's San Juan Airport (SJU) have been suspended.
Before, Maria had also caused severe devastation on the island of Dominica and the French overseas territory of Guadeloupe.

(6) Israel

Israel holiday as below and shipment are subject to delay.

New Year – 20--23 Sep 2017

Yom Kipor – 29--30 Sep 2017

Soukot – 04--05 Oct 2017

Simchat Torah – 11--12 Oct 2017